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How To Write A Research Essay

10th April 2016

The higher levels of academics require the writing of research essays. These are quite different from the normal everyday essays. The research essay is usually:

1. Focused on a specific topic.
2. Directed at a particular subject.
3. Honest portrayal of any current issue.
4. Gives an analytical examination of information.
5. Provides significant insights.
6. Holds deep interest.
7. Uses academic data.
8. Pertains to a larger body of research but may look at a small facet.
9. Scientific and logical presentation.
10. Either endorses earlier research work or explores avenues for conducting fresh research.

While contemplating on how to write a research essay most research scholars have thought of a myriad of topics. Many of them find it most vexing to actually fix upon a particular topic. There have been instances where the scholars who have been trying to find out how to write a research essay have had to change their topics of research again and again. This is probably because of the following reasons:-

a) They get disillusioned by the depth or validity of the chosen topic very early in their research investigations.
b) The selected topic becomes difficult to handle as it may develop complications or become too convoluted to completely follow through.
c) The scholar may tend to lose interest in that particular topic after studying about it for some time.
d) The subject may be super ceded by some other that probably has more relevance for the scholar. It is acceptable to change the topics in the early part of the research. This prevents unnecessary loss of resources, energy and precious time.
e) Some newer line of research may emerge that attracts the interest of the scholar while conducting investigations on the first topic.

The main focus of how to write a research essay remains primarily on the issue being researched upon. The issue may have scientific relevance, be technically sound or may pertain to certain social aspects of everyday life. The significance of the topic of research emerges after detailed discussions with peers, dons, teachers and even other scholars. The area and topic of research also pertains to the capacity of the scholar to devote sufficient time to the research work. If the research essay work takes up too much time and resources then the scholar may tend to rethink the decision of picking up that particular topic.

For the avid researcher how to write a research essay is not just about simply writing an essay. It requires the scholar’s sharing of opinions with his or her peers, faculty and other researchers. The major part of the research is conducted by examining data sources like books, journals, articles and data banks on the subject. The research carefully examines all the sources of empirical research.

Thus how to write a research essay is more about beginning right and digging deep into the available material for gaining useful information. It is all about seriousness, sincerity and honesty in research. It is the precursor to actual research projects.