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How To Write A Law School Essay

10th April 2016

Students seeking admissions into a law school tend to write an essay giving their aspirations and detailing the preparedness of the student for being accepted. The students wanting to know how to write a law school essay have to understand the following points:

1. Those evaluating the essay are hard core law experts and have enough experience to be able to understand a person’s stance based upon what the aspirant has written about himself or herself.
2. It is easy to fall into the lure of projecting oneself to be someone very different from ones real self. The writer of the essay should understand that if the reality is too variant from the projection, it may endanger the admission process.
3. The essay language and tone should be simple, brief, interesting and honest.
4. The essay content should be rich with the details of the writer. A true portrayal would include the background interests and bent of mind of the individual. This would add a fresh perspective to the essay.

These are several do’s and don’ts to be taken into consideration when the student questions about how to write a law school essay. The don’ts can be listed as follows:

1. Do not give boring common details of schooling if nothing extraordinary can be contributed.
2. Do not use long winding statements that use flowery language but add nothing to the actual content of the essay.
3. Do not portray yourself to be someone very different from your original self.
4. Do not overreach yourself. Avoid giving sweeping statements about saving the world by contributing to charity etc.
5. Prevent yourself from giving personal details that may be totally irrelevant, offensive or may even seem childish.
6. Do not present a narrow perspective rather look at the broader picture.
7. Do not give any value judgments.
8. Do not ignore the objective of the whole exercise which is to present a healthy picture of the candidate seeking selection into the law school.

Along with the don’ts that govern how to write a law school essay, there are some essential points or do’s to be kept in mind. These comprise the following:-

1. Try and gain as much insights you can into the details that should be included in the law school essay.
2. Make a detailed outline of all the facts that are to be included in the essay.
3. The introductory paragraph should be framed meticulously. It is essential that it hold the interest of the evaluators. They should be given a fresh perspective as they have to read through hundreds of such essays and evaluate them subsequently.
4. A simply written, briefly worded yet complete essay which has been well constructed is always appreciated by the evaluators.
5. Spend some time on re-reading the essay and make any changes required. It should be well-worded and error free. Special attention should be paid to grammar.

Thus, how to write a law school essay should be a concentrated effort to honestly present oneself as an eager and keen student desiring admission into law school.