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How To Get Best Research Essay Topics

10th April 2016

Among the first things a researcher attempting a research essay has to deal with is how to get best research essay topics. While there is the excitement of picking up a topic that is unique, different from all other researchers, easy and affordable in terms of research and investigative potential as well as also having significant relevance in current life. How then to get the best research topic which is scientific and technically sound as well as being of the level of desired academic research.

Most senior scholars who have conducted research successfully offer several pointers on how to get best research essay topics. They have given the following pointers:

1. Look at the broader perspective and then gradually narrow down to a few topics that can be studied.
2. Examine the narrowed down topics carefully and then finally select the required topic.
3. Once the topic has been segregated, have an in depth review of all the data resources available on all these topics. In case adequate material is not available on any of the chosen topics, it can be discarded. Therefore, only that topic should be chosen that has the richness of content required for a particular piece of research.

Thus, how to get the best research essay topics is not a puzzle but a logical query that needs to be unraveled gradually. Some of the best suggested approaches are as follows:

1. Draw up a comprehensive list of all the topics of interest that may be researched upon.
2. The topics of research should have relevance on the social, scientific or even technical scenarios of a researcher.
3. Even if the topic is of controversial significance it should be examined from the perspective of presenting a fresh outlook on the subject.
4. Areas of interest can also be listed. Then topics pertaining to these particular areas can be carefully examined.
5. The objective of the selected topic is to add to the corpus of knowledge already available.
6. Academic and electronic resources should be checked comprehensively before finalizing the topic to be researched.

While examining the avenues of how to get the best research essay topics, it is a good idea to look at common magazines and dailies as well. These may not deal very comprehensively with a subject but they do present the popular views on these topics. This is also true of social networking sites, blogs and websites. Some significantly relevant topics can be picked up from these resources as well. It is essential, however, to examine there is adequate research material available on that particular topic which the researcher has chosen for his or her research.

At the very outset the scholar who is wondering about how to get best research essay topics should list the following questions. The answer to these questions would definitely help the researcher to narrow down the focus on the topic to be selected for research. These questions are – Is the information relevant? Is it reliable? Will it stand the test of time?