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Graduate School Application Essay

10th April 2016

Essays are well written scholarly piece of writing which are aimed to provide knowledge to the reader about a topic or to give his own opinion with respect to the topic. The selection of the topic should thus be done keeping in mind what the author is confident about and what he can prove through studies, facts and relative examples. The essays could be written aimed at different institutions/ class of society. And thus the difference in purpose makes an essay different form the other though written in same fashion.

All the essays will contain an introduction, the body parts and then the conclusion. But the content of these paragraphs differ in the purpose they are written. Say for example the research essay will contain all the facts and studies related to the research while an essay for any invention will contain all the pros and cons of the invention along with the impact it will have on society. Similarly, when an essay is written aimed at getting admission in or a grant from a graduate school for leave or fee concession or exam center change is called a graduate school application essay.

A graduate school application essay is not written by a proficient writer or author neither by any big personality but by a student of the school who is just asking for any favor from the institution. The candidate writing a graduate school application essay must focus on his aim and should be direct in asking for it. He should only talk about his achievements, his merits, his capabilities and the reason why he should be considered above others. He should be direct and precise in his writing as there are a hundreds of applications to be read by the selector or the department head.

The graduate school application essay is an instrument by which the candidate advertises himself in front of the board and the heads of the institution in order to seek admission or any favor. The candidate should be innovative and should write something different from others compelling the selectors to choose him. He should try to picture himself in such a way that the reader gets convinced and grants him the favor.

There are certain things which should not be done while writing a graduate school application essay:-

-Do not disclose your failures or shortcomings.
-Do not be too descriptive rather cut short your speech and show your writing skills by writing more in few words.
-Use good praising words for the institution and the selector to impress them but do not be too buttery.
-Do not make any Spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistake as you are entering an education institution and such mistakes could be very risky and can go against you.

Keeping in view all the dos and don’ts a good and effective graduates school application essay could be written and the basic purpose of the same could be fulfilled. Being specific, being articulate and being focused while writing will definitely make you come out with flying colors.