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Tips For Writing Good Essay


When an author puts down his words and expressions on a topic so as to make people aware of the facts related and get a perception in a prescribed format, it is an essay. An essay has to be written keeping in mind the simple tips for writing good essay so that the reader gets a clear picture of what the author wants to convey. The proper format for writing an essay s as under:- 1. Introduction- It is the foremost...

How To Choose Argumentative Essay Topics


An essay is an in-depth description of one’s own thoughts and views summed up along with real life experiences and examples framed up using idioms, phrases and sayings to make it so effective as to reach the reader’s mind in the right place and force him/her to think and act in the right direction. There is as set format to write an essay and the same is required to be followed so as to enable the reader to compare one essay...

How To Write Five Paragraph Essay


An essay is an ocean of thoughts allowed to flow from author’s mind to the reader’s through use of explanations, idioms, phrases, life examples etc. jotted down. The essay has to be well written in such a fashion that the reader gets a clear picture of what the author wants to convey. There should not be any deviation in between the paragraphs of the essay yet they may cover different aspects related to the same issue. An essay becomes effective with...

How To Write Cause Effect Essay


An essay is a plethora of the author’s thoughts, feelings, imagination and experiences poured down in order to help a reader understand about the subject matter in depth. It could give a different view and perspective to reader about the issue and could leave him with a change in thought. An essay becomes more effective when arranged in a proper format. It also makes it easier for the reader to compare one essay with the other so as to get a diversified...

How To Write A Proper Essay


Many a school student has been stumped on the issue of how to write a proper essay. They may have been writing essays all through their primary school level but when it comes to writing a proper essay there is always room for improvement. Even though the fundamental principles of a proper essay are made clear at the very outset most students have been observed to struggle through the essay writing sessions even at the high school level. During the high...

How to Write a Great Essay


There are many forms of compositions in any given language One of the best forms of expression of a viewpoint on a specific topic, however, is the essay. Several scholars have conducted research on how to write a great essay. While several varying approaches have been advocated there is only one way to attempt the great essay of all times and that is to follow the steps given. These steps include: 1. The making of an outline: The outline is like...